Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously.

We only collect the data that is neccessary to fulfil an order, e.g. your postal address. We do not share this information with third parties.

What we collect:

Customer data

Name and address

We need your name and address to fulfil a shipment.

Email address

In order to communicate with you, we need an email address. Inquiries on the contact form can be encrypted with a click using PGP. You will also find the corresponding key there.

We handle your email address confidentially.

Usage data

Webserver logs

We do not collect personal data. Access may be logged for a short period of time for error analysis.

VPN logs

We keep no logs, except system logs like /var/log/messages and the cjdns log, where crashes are being logged.

We use vnstat to get a rough picture of the bandwith usage, so that we know where and when to scale.

Data traffic passing between the Enigmaboxes is fully end-to-end encrypted, nobody except its intended receivers are able to decrypt it. Our servers only pass around encrypted datastreams.

Data on the Enigmabox (address book, emails, images, documents, personal websites, passwords, the cjdns private key) are stored on the Enigmabox and not on our servers. If you lose your data on your Enigmabox and haven't made a backup, you are fucked.

Subscriber identification

The subscription on the Enigmabox is identified using a so-called Hostid. This is a random-generated, 8-digit sequence. In case of a subscription renewal, we only need that hostid and do not know the person behind it.