Teletext: Mass communication & coordinating a revolution below the radar

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Newest leaks of whistleblower Edward Raincave reveal a new counter spy program of the citizens secret service Enigmabox: Teletext.


(TS//SI//REL) Teletext provides distributed mass protest coordination below the radar by implementing a Twitter like messaging system using cjdns addresses.

(TS//SI//REL) This technique supports users on writing telegrams and spreading out important information quickly to reach critical mass.

(TS//SI//REL) Through the distributed nature, Telegrams published on the Teletext system can not be censored, nor controlled. It is all end-to-end encrypted.

Status: Released / Deployed. Ready for Immediate Delivery

Unit Cost: $0


This programm allows everyone to publish telegrams, and subscribe to telegrams of other parties inside the cryptonetwork. Here's a screen how a new telegram is created:

Telegrams are character limited, but to 256 chars instead of only 140 at Twitter.

Telegrams of all subscriptions are shown in a timeline, just as in Twitter. The distribution of the messages is nearly real-time.

That is possible thanks to an asynchronous, event based Python server in combination with a fast in-memory work queue. The Server can answer up to 146 requests per second on the Enigmabox, consuming no more than 12m-15m memory.

You can also retransmit Telegrams. This way, important information can spread really fast - and completely undetected. Everything is end-to-end encrypted and distributed, censorship is impossible.

Here is the profile view:

Teletext allows internet citizens to find each other inside this encrypted network. They can discover new contacts and add them to their address book, and then exchange encrypted emails or have encrypted phone calls.

This feature has been released the night before yesterday to all Enigmaboxes and is ready to use.

Since Teletext provides a public reachable interface inside the cryptonetwork, it is disabled by default. You have to enable it in the admin interface to use it.




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