The Internet has become a hostile place.

Let's build our own.


With the Enigmabox, you get a powerful tool
to protect your privacy laid in your hands.

Everyone is welcome.

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Plug in the cable, all set.

With the Enigmabox, your Internet connection is secured. Everything is encrypted.
You get access to a private, tap-proof network.
There you can exchange files and communicate confidentially with others.

Surfing the web

Your Internet traffic is encrypted. Connect via different countries and circumvent censorship.

Phone calls

Place confidential, tap-proof phone calls.
Conference calls are possible.

Send and receive emails

Transmit encrypted messages.
Send attachements up to 100 MB.

AD-free browsing

The integrated ad blocker filters out banners, trackers and other nasty stuff.


Share documents, images and videos with your friends using OwnCloud.

Personal websites

Host your own website inside this network.


Enigmabox webmail

Administration - the address book

Administration - country selection


Host your personal website

Metadata - PGP vs. Enigmabox


OwnCloud - web interface

OwnCloud - realtime collaboration

OwnCloud - sync client

Next generation Internet

Support us in building a secure Internet and be one of the pioneers that use this new network.

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